We Have The Duty  To  Force  Compliance  Of  U.N. Humanitarian, And  Family,  And  Environmental  Treaties.  It's  Also  A  Right  That  When It Is  Acted Upon  Correctly, And We  Act According To U.N. 2005 World Summit And The R2P, Criminal Charges Cannot Be Lawfully Levied Against Us.

 A Treaty Becomes
 The "Supreme Law Of The Land"
Upon Ratification By The 
United States Senate.
U.S.  Constitution  Art. VI, Cl.  2

Learn The Basic U.N. Treaties
And, Realize That 70% Of Your Pension Fund Is Invested Off Shore. Governed By Foreign Laws.

The  Right  To  Force  Compliance,  And  Receive  International  (U.N.  Military)  Support  Is  An  Inherent  Part  Of  United  Nations  Membership.

The  Last  Section  Of  Every  U.N. Treaty
Reservations:   Must  Be  Addressed  At  Treaty Level,  And  Not  Written  Into  Domestic  Laws.

Most  Of  The  U.S. Laws,  Federal  Agencies,  Federal  Administrations,  Federal  Bureaus,  Federal  Courts,  Federal  Institutions,  State  Constitutions, State  Laws,  State  Courts,  Wages And  Benefits, Violate  International  Treaties.
The  U.S.A.  Doesn't  Follow  The  Essence  Or  Premise Of  Humanitarian  Or  Environmental  Treaties,  And  Uses  The  Color  Of  Law  To Violate  U.N.  Family, 
Humanitarian, And  Environmental  Treaties.

The  Following  Is  A  List  Of  Ideas For  Our Recovery

  • 5 Year  Production  Run  Of  Pick-Ups, SUVs, Fleet Car Lines, Etc., With 'Standardized Drive Lines That Are Field Repair Vehicles'.  Made In The U.S.A., EM Pulse Resistant, High School Auto Shop Class Supported, And Protected From Free Trade Laws, Citing Compliance With U.N. Environmental Treaty Law, U.N. Humanitarian Law, and Military Necessity   A 3/4 Ton 4x4 Truck, 4x4 Jeep,  4x4 Camper Van, 4x4 SUV, Single Parent CarPAL-V, Motorcycle, Trike, Snowmobile, Etc.       Use Titanium And, Aluminum Alloys With  Electric Vehicle Components In The Series For Both Energies. That Will Last Decades. Remember Noise Modifies Plant Dispersal. 

  • Draw 50% Of All Federal, And State Retirement Funds Back To The U.S.A. With The Focus On The Recovery Vehicles, Infrastructure, Homesteads, Etc., With Investment Vehicles. Before The Funds Disappear Completely Offshore!

  • Implement 'Young Provider Programs' Into All U.S. School Curriculum.                  Example:  Boys Go To 'Fish Farms or Private Ponds' Once A Month To Catch Food And Satisfy The Provider Imprint On The Genome. Girls Go To Pick  Corn, Apples, Strawberries, Etc. For The Same End Result. Stimulating The Provider Brain Chemistry. Slowing Gang Influences, Etc

  • Open Homesteading In Skip '9 Check 1' - 640 Acre Blocks Of U.S. National Forest Land  That Are Narrow Gauge Rail Tube, Deck Top Bridge Supported, With A 2 Acre Parcel Max., Mandatory 20'X40' Organic Gardens, 5,000 Gallon Rain Water Tank, Solar Panels, Cement Block Home Above-Shop Below, Low Income, 'Christiana Community Type', Codes, Covenants & Restrictions's Unsupported By Government Services, And  U.N. Treaty Compliant Volunteer Police, Fixed Rate Tax. 

  • Legalize Prostitution For Both Sexes Without Miserable Settings For The Workers, And Tax 5% To Fund Medical Cards. Slow Sex Initiations Of Childeren, So They Can Develop Their Own Identities.

  • When Our Youth Are Self Medicating To Cope With Hormone Changes Have Established Medical Advocates To Keep Toxic Street Drugs Out Of Their Systems, And Support Our Medical Industry. Stop Alienation.

  • Teach Genetic Imprinting Theory Early. It Will Help People Recognize, Develop And Modify Their Instincts, And Imprint.

  • Teach Brain Chemistry, And Hormone Influences Early.  
  • Put The Reins On Our Judicial Process That Is Unsustainable, Unlawful, And Alienating Our Own People, In Violation Of International Treaties Of All Genre.

  • Concrete Tilt Up Houses For Single Parent Families To Promote Energetic Community Ties.

  • Zone Sections Of Every Town To Have Residential/Shop Buildings, Every Other Street  (House Fronts) No Vehicle Traffic, And The Shop Streets Should Be Wide For Shop Business, And Carry Right Of Way. Roundabouts That Circle Supply Hubs For Food, Clothing, Schools, Etc. Can Link The Housing Streets. Industrial, Construction, And Mechanical Hubs Can Connect The Shop Streets. Cut Our Energy Usage All Around.

  • Build Power Plant, Distribution, And Communications Equipment Without Solid State Components, And Utilize Military Specification Camden, And Epoxies For Area Components. Our Systems Need To Be Electro-Magnetic Pulse, Phase, And Surge Resistant.

  • License Parents That Have Established Means To Support A Child, Prior To Having Them, And Require A Sensible Field Repair  Vehicle On A Means Basis.

  • Allow Our Teenagers, Veterans, And Others Coping With Hormones, Emotional Trauma, Etc. A Buffer Zone In Rowdy Or Substance Oriented Behaviors, If They Contribute In Some Form Or Fashion. Stand By Them, And Discourage Negative Behaviors, Not Punish.
  • Legalize Some Drugs So Transparency Helps The Society Manage Itself, And Stop Prison Imprinting, Slow Corruption, And Promote The U.N. Disability Treaty. 'Altered States' Drive Culture. Many Drugs Are Legal Under The "Supreme Law Of The Land", But The Domestic Law Facade Has Us Enslaved To Pay For Millions Of Prosecutions, And Punishments For Petty Amounts. Then We Are Further Enslaved To Pay Judicial Security, And Prisons Too. Wake Up.

  • Manufacture Tires With Long Lasting Sidewalls That Accept Replaceable Tread Bands/Tread Belts So We Slow Pollution And Comply With U.N. Environmental Treaties.

  • Standardize The 4 Day Work Week For Less Strenuous Occupations.
  • Strictly Prohibit Planned Obsolescence, And License The Manufacturer For Import Protections. (Free Trade (Pollution) Violates Environmental Treaties Of All Genre).

  • All Existing Laws Need To Be Screened, And Re-written To Correct The Problems. Before The Pension Funds Disappear Offshore.
  • The USA Needs To Build Homes With Cement Products (Cinder Block, Precast, ICF, Etc.) With A Focus On The Outer Shell. I Always Guaranteed My Flat Work Against Fire & Theft, Even Prying.

  • Standardize All Bridge Construction With Large Fiberglass Components, So When There Is A Problem, Replacement Is Fast. Fusible Plates To Stop Heavy Trucks At The Ends Will Protect Them.

  • Construct Fleets Of  1o' x 28' Aluminum Riveted Trailers With Military Container Expansion Design, And Have Mobile Crews And Cranes Rebuilding Our Infrastructure. Spartan Trailers Are My Favorite.

  • Our Prisons Are Full Of Artists, Support Environmentally Friendly Mediums For Them To Work That Beautify Our Infrastructure. Keep In Mind Artists Enjoy 'Altered States', And Enjoy Bohemian Living. Skin The Fiberglass Bridges.

  • Set People Free To Build Vehicles, Infrastructure, Homes, Etc. 
  • One State At A Time We Can Empower The People To Feel The Energy And Happiness, That Comes With Freedom And Kindness.

   If We Don't Support Production Of  A  5 Year 'Standardized Drive Line, And Component - Field Repair' Vehicle Series,  Sourced From Each Of The Big 3 Auto Makers In The USA. We Are Doomed To Suffer When Conflict Comes To Our Soil, We Are Going To Continue To Toss A Percentage Of Our Means Into a Recycle Yard While Usable, Continue To Overuse Energy In Violation Of U.N. Environmental Treaties. 

Hand Me The Reigns, I Will Exceed All Expectations, Eliminate Half The Losses, Redirect Our Futures, And Send A Pulse Of Life Into The World Economy, Without Hurting Anyone.
  We Should Not Duplicate Unsustainable Societies In The World's Developing Countries.       
   Downsize And Standardize.

Send A Ticket, Line Up Brunches,  Give Me Time To Think About The Issues We Discuss, And We Can Pencil Out The Viability Of Our  Approach.  
J. Lindsey


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