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I Am Available To Discuss Issues, Consult, Or Advise
If American Citizens Are Forced Into Using Firearms Against 'Tyrannical Government Entites' What Geneva Conventions Apply?
Paris (AFP) - UN Scientists Are Set To Deliver Their Darkest Report Yet
U.S. Military Command: Take Notice & Action Or Cover If Scared
U.S. Military Command Must Vote On Action Without U.S. Presidential & U.S. Congress' Cooperation ...

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I Am Available To Discuss Issues, Consult, Or Advise
If American Citizens Are Forced Into Using Firearms Against 'Tyrannical Government Entites' What Geneva Conventions Apply?
Paris (AFP) - UN Scientists Are Set To Deliver Their Darkest Report Yet
U.S. Military Command: Take Notice & Action Or Cover If Scared
U.S. Military Command Must Vote On Action Without U.S. Presidential & U.S. Congress' Cooperation ...


- Our Children's Only Hope - John Steven Lindsey For U.S.A. Presidency
"Ignorantia legis neminem excusat"
"Prior to the state's fiscal free fall, we were functioning well in my view," Tani Can
"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty."
(Drugs) War Declared Against U.S.A. Citizens For Purposes Of Financial Enslavement
100lbs. Of Paperwork 'Remedy'
2013 Chance To Correct Things
2nd Amendment = Carry/Keep & Use/Bear Arms
A (Private) U.N. Environmental Treaty Compliance Board Is Needed
A Historic Announcement Of Sweeping Changes To U.S. Jurisprudence To Come
A Reader Interested In My Assistance Or Securing My Freedom
A Reasonable Man, et al
A Relationship Of Dominance Does Not Express Love.
Ads Need To Be Run In Daily & Weekly Publications
Ambassadors Keep Track Of Me - Political Asylum
Americans & Others
Americans Must Stop Hurting Each Other
Another Charge Of 'Crimes Against Humanity' In California
Another State Ordered/Sanctioned CDCR Inmate Death
Attention: Concerned U.N. Ambassadors
Attention: U.S. Military Command Structure 'Vote'
Attn.: U.S. Marshals - Pack Presidential Pardons Too
Banking Interests Can Redistribute Wealth
BAR Assn. Members Must Stop Harming Americans, And Prepare For The U.N. Councils Intervention
Blatant Prosecutorial & Judicial Misconduct Using 'Harvey Waivers' As 'Intent To Com
Break The Negative Cycle If // When You Are Strong Enough
Butte County, CA Jail Violates Numerous Laws
Butte County, CA Kangaroo Court For Unlawful Dog Tag Ticket On 12 Acres 20 Miles Outside Of Town
Butte County, CA Nuisance Property Attacks Aided & Abetted By Butte County, CA District Attorney
'Butte County, California's Modus operandi' CA Penal Codes 182-185
California & U.S. Government Entities Must Stop 'Mass Criminal Prosecutions Of Citizens'
California County Call To 'Common Law Tribunals'
California Courthouse 'Mass Atrocities' & 'Abuse Of Power' Is Causing Backlash
California Courts & Prisons Have Been Deemed Unlawful/Criminal
California Criminal Conspiracy
California Department Of Justice - Professional Standards Office - Take Notice - Again
California Government Has Been Convicted Of 'Mass Atrocities'
California Government Is 'Broken Beyond Repair'
California Government Must Be Re-Educated & Replaced
California Is Funding 58 More Prisons !
California Must Endure 'Martial Law' To Resolve Government Crime & Mass Atrocities
California Must Permanently Relieve All District Attorneys Of Their Duties
California Needs Canada's & Mexico's Military Forces To Help Adjudicate State Crimes
California 'Organized U.N. Treaty Violations' To 'Profiteer'
California U.N. Treaty Violations For Profit
California Women Using 'Spousal Abuse Arrests' For Gross Enrichment Divorces & Renter Th
'California's Intent To Continue Committing Mass Artocities' And The Need For 'ADJUD
'Cease & Desist All Criminal Prosecution' Using 'U.S.A. Treaty Violations'
China - France - Germany - EU -/- Prove Your Resolve To Americans & The World's Future
Climate Issues Must Be Addressed Through Production Changes
Consult Or Advise
Convictions Dictate, Violence Is Lawful & Acceptable Under 'U.N. Responsibility To Protect P
Court In The Streets http://edition.cnn.com/2013/12/20/us/north-carolina-teen-vigil-violence/index.
'Crimes Against Humanity' Conviction
'Crimes Against Humanity' 'Criminal Adjudication' Of California, Illinois, New York,
Criminal Atrocities Adjudication Trade Agreement
Criminal Charges Are Declared - Not War
Criminal Employees Are Not 'The United States Of America'
CRISIS = Danger & Opportunity --/-- Mark My Request For Appointment
'Crisis' = 'Danger & Opportunity'
DDOS & Website May Be Temporarily Maintained By Someone Else
Declaration Of 'Criminal Charges' Against Government Officials
Diplomatic Immunity & Citizenship & A Black Card
DOJ Agency Warns Of Police Militarization
Encumber All Facets Of 'U.S. Adjudication Group Supply & Infrastructure'
Environmental Ideas
Every State Has An Unlawful State Retirement Fund
Every U.S. Law & Policy Must Comply With U.S./U.N. Treaty Law - Jefferson State Criminal Trans
Exposed U.S. Chemical Weapons Use On American Citizens For Decades On End
FBI Statement "......Color of law violations, more than half of our civil rights investigatio
Federal 3 Judge Panel Must Levy Criminal Charges
Federal Executive Boards - My Wager
Females Must Read http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/268415.php
Focus On Positive Goals Without Public Debt.
For Profit: Crimes Against Humanity
Full Revision Of Grotesquely Unlawful Federal & State Policies & Criminal & Civil Laws (
'Golden Age' Of Antibiotics 'Set To End'
GPS N39°42.52' W121°30.67'
Grotesque Numbers Of Incarcerated Citizens
Hackers - Keep Records For The Hang Man
Half of U.S. prison sex crimes involve staff toward inmates: fed study - Only 1/4 Are Reported
Hitler's Regime & California L.E.O.'s
How You Treat People & Animals Every Day Will Be Expressed In Your Great X4 Grandchildren
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sedition - http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/News/docs/3JP-Jan-2014/Plata-FiledE
http://news.yahoo.com/ Many Thanks Israel
http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/zxw42hv How Do You Fix A Face?
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-25548061 Amsterdam Alcoholics 101
http://www.ca.gov/Apps/Agencies.aspx WOW!!!!
http://www.calpers.ca.gov/ - Profiteering & Criminal Abuse Of Disabled Persons & 'Mass
http://www.eaglemanlab.net/neurolaw - Empower Him To Adjudicate 'California's Government
http://www.eaglemanlab.net/neurolaw U.N.T.S. #44910 Treaty Mandates Include Watching These Videos
http://www.eaglemanlab.net/neurolaw / http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/ & http://ncfm.org/201
http://www.eliomotors.com/ Snow Machine Units / Sleeper Units / Wheelchair Units - Support Them
http://www.sacbee.com/2014/01/07/6051348/the-buzz-jerry-browns-re-election.html http://cdcrtoday.
http://www.veritasinitiative.org/ - Prosecutorial Immunity Does Not Apply
http://www.veritasinitiative.org/ - European Union Help Request
I Already Have Proof/Evidence Of Several Attempts
I Am Very Open Minded
I Do Not Intend To Harm Anyone, And I Request FBI & U.S. Marshal Investigations
Ignorantia Juris Non Excusat - Participation Carries 2 Precedents
I'm Enduring 'Color Of Law Crimes In Butte County, California'
In A War - Criminal Charges For Weapons Are Unlawful & Dismissable
In California Court Over 25 Years
INTENT Established By 'Harvey Waivers' Coupled With MISCONDUCT & Abuse
International Banking Interests Can Call The Start Of Mass Arrests In The U.S.A.
Israel - France - England Take Notice & Act Swiftly
Israel & France & England 'California Governance & Adjudication Tribunals'
It's Time To Put The Convicted U.S. Judicial Branch In Check With Treaty Compliance Measures
John S. Lindsey For U.S. Presidency 'Treaty Compliance Party'
Keep Shutting Down The Prisons & Freeing Humans
Large Bronze Animal Heads Wanted
Let's Stop Hurting Each Other - Help People Instead
Make No Mistake - The Powers Have Profiled Me Over & Over. I Pass, And Honesty Will Prevail
Making Time: Does it matter why we help others? BBC
Mandated Behavioral Changes For California Courts Prior To 'Their Detention' Is Ordered
Mandating MRI & Coccidioidomycosis & Toxoplasmosis Testing For Inmates & Schizophrenics
Many U.S. Veterans Await Incarceration & Torture In The U.S.A.
Mass Atrocities - Disabled Abuse - Anti-Semitism (Hate Crime)
Mass Atrocities & Prosecutorial Misconduct & Theft Using Forfeiture/Imprisonment
Mass Atrocities In California That Inflated The CalPERS Fund & Federal Pension Fund
'Mass Atrocity Convictions Dictate U.N. Action To Stop The USA's Crimes
Michael Bowers Attack On The California Capitol
Montara, CA
Mr. President Obama, Please Facilitate Justice For Me Without Delay.
New $65,000,000 Courthouse For Only 113,930 People
New DUI & DWI Science Moots Breathalyzer Data For All Cases & Convictions Involving Diet Dr
New U.S.A. Prisons For Law Enforcement Officers
No Statute Of Limitations Applies Because Of 'Sphere Of Influence Issues'
Norway Exudes Greatness & Virtues & Kindness
Notice: U.S. Militia Groups, Militants, Jihadists, U.N. Member States, Etc.
Ongoing Pattern & Practice Of 'Harassment' Involving Large Real Estate Portfolios
'Organized Efforts Are Made To Conceal The Crimes Committed'
Our Planet Is Dying ...
Our Schools Are Failing Children
People lie more in the afternoon, study suggests
Political Asylum
Portugal - Spain - France - Ireland - Whales - England /// Please Take Precautions
Premeditated Prosecution UsedTo Steal Gold Bearing Estates & Build CALPerS Funding
President Obama, Please Initiate 'Mass Pardons' & 'Mass Atrocities Arrests' Simu
President Of China Xi Jinping - Party Dialog Request
'Prosecutorial Immunity' Violates U.N. Treaty Law & The Universal Declaration Of Human R
Prosecutorial Misconduct Dictates Arrest - Immunity Does Not Exist
Qualified U.N. Ambassador's 'Electronic Communications'
Real U.S. Recovery Vehicles That Enhance U.S. - Canada - Mexico Ties
Recorded 4/27/2013
Remedy Against Tyranny Has Been Removed From California, USA
Remedy Requested For 'California Government Crimes'
Remove 'Roid Ragers' / U.S. Law Enforcement Officer's Firearms For Public Safety
'Request For Compensation & Remedy'
Request For Dialog With The President Of Russia Mr. Vladamir Putin's Associates
'Right To Remedy Is Absolute', And A Supreme Law Of The Land - Prosecutorial Immunity Does N
Root Out Unhealthy & Abusive, Fun Spoiling L.E.O.'s
Secret Jury Rigging Using 'State/Federal Employee/Retirees & Spouses'
Senators & Political Figures Abuse The Public Tax Burden
Sheriff's & Wolves Are Being Used To Attack Us
'Sovereign Citizens' Take Notice & Advice
Stand Your Ground Laws & 'Absolute Rights Laws'
Start A 100% North American Manual Transmission 6x2 & 6x4 Truck/Van/SUV 10 Year Production Serie
Start At Page 320 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/shared/bsp/hi/pdfs/17_02_14_nkorea_unreport.pdf
State Of California 'Color Of Law Crimes' & 'Mass Prosecutions/Incarcerations/Atroci
States With Unlawful & Outrageous Tickets Must Levy Criminal Charges On Government Employees Cau
Stop Funding U.S. Mass Atrocities
Study: Women on Birth Control Pill Less Attracted to 'Masculine' Men Read more: http://www.
'Tertiary U.N. Treaty Compliance'
'Tertiary U.N. Treaty Compliant' Passenger Vehicle Infrastructure
Tertiary U.S. Treaty Compliance Party Measures
Thank You Russian President Vladamir Putin
The 1st U.S. State To Embrace Human Rights & Void All Federal & State Firearm Laws
The Age Of Ex-Military 'U.S. Treaty Compliance Officers'
The BAR Associations Must Accept Responsibility & Make Amends
The Corcoran 7 Was Covered Up Too
The Court's Criminal Conviction http://www.veritasinitiative.org/
The Immunity Facade Is Over - Charges/Claims = 'Crimes Against Humanity'
The officers sold or gave away vehicles seized after alleged traffic violations, authorities said
The Right To Exercise U.N. Treaty Compliance & U.N. Responsibility To Protect 2005 Summit Protoc
The Right To Keep & Bear Arms Is Well Established
The System Is Unlawful
The U.S. Constitution 2nd Amendment & U.N. R2P Summit Protocol
The U.S.A. Economic/Humanitarian/Environmental Recovery
The U.S.A. Needs United Nations Member States To Intervene
'The War On Drugs' Violates U.N. Treaties
The World Is Watching
They Must Be 'Charged & Tried' For Crimes, And Mass Atrocities In War Time
Think 'Future'
Think Less Environmental Impact
This Must Be Addressed
This Web Domain (Website Also) Is For Sale
Too Many People Are Hurting Each Other For Profit In The U.S.A.
Trillion$ Of U.S. Dollars Have Been Wasted/Stolen/Spent Creating The Current California Economy
U.N. Ambassador Mail/Post
U.N. Ambassadors - Act Quickly
U.N. Ambassadors Please Help Americans Stop The Tyranny
U.N. Diplomatic Immunity & Military Equipment & Support For U.S.A. - U.N. Treaty Compliance
U.N. Environmental Treaty Applications
U.N. Member State - Prison State Authority
U.N. Member State Personal Invitation To Address Issues Requested
U.N. Member States & U.S. Corporations Are Requested To Supply Military Equipment & Funding
U.N. Member States Must Take The Initiative To Stop California's U.N. Treaty Violations
U.N. Military Forces & U.S. Allies Forces Must Free Prisoners In The U.S.A.
U.N. 'Remedy & Prevention'
U.N. RtoP Issues & Protocol Equipment Requested
U.N. Treaty Compliance Body With The Ability To Use Force
U.N. Treaty Compliance Group Funding
U.N. Treaty Compliance Group Unilateral Applications/Cooperatives
U.N. Treaty Compliance Group's - Tertiary U.N. Treaty Compliance Policy (Makeover)
U.N. Treaty Compliance Measures Must Be Initiated
U.N. Treaty Compliance Probe Of All U.S. State Constitutions
U.N. Treaty Law Dictates - Absolute Right To Benefit From Advancements In Science & Technology
'U.N. Treaty Reservations' Written & 'Enforced' As Domestic Laws Causing 'Ma
U.N. Treaty Violations In Wartime Are 'Disloyal Acts' - TREASON
U.S. BAR Associations & Schools Of Law - 'Tap Out'
U.S. Court In The Streets Is Coming
U.S. Crimes Are Not Going To Continue Unabated With Gotten Retirement Funds For The 'Taking'
U.S. District Attorneys: Put Americans Back To Health, Work & Productivity - Not Jail !!
U.S. Federal Government: Take Notice
U.S. Government Employee Trials Are Inevitable - World History Will Repeat
U.S. L.E.O. Steroid Supplies Need Addressing
U.S. Law Does Not Start At 'State Constitution Level' To Abuse Americans For Profit In Feifd
U.S. MARSHAL SERVICE Take Notice 10/17/2013 - http://www.usmarshals.gov/
U.S. Marshals Take Notice & Investigate & Report Findings
'U.S. Mass Atrocities' - http://nicic.gov/StateStats/ - http://articles.latimes.com/2008/
U.S. Military Command Must Open Armory Stock & Inventory For U.S. Treaty Compliance Groups
U.S. National Disabled Registry & Firearm Background Checks
U.S. President Obama - Stop The U.S. Mass Atrocities & Become President Abe Lincoln Quality
U.S. Prosecutors & Courts Have Sustained 'Mass Atrocities Convictions'
U.S. Social Contract Modification Time
U.S. Supreme Court Hears 'U.N. Treaty Reservations' (Violations) Written As U.S. Domestic La
U.S. Treaty Compliance Party http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/
U.S. Treaty Compliance Party - John S. Lindsey For U.S. President
U.S. Treaty Violations Are Coming To A Head
U.S. Utilities & Rail Interests & Banking Interests Take Notice
U.S. Utilities Are Due Decades Of 'Liquidated & Punitive Damages'
U.S.A. & California & Illinois & United Nations Member States Legal Notice:
U.S.A. & Illinois & California: Request For Remedy Prior To A Written Appeals Court Mandate
U.S.A. Citizen's Geneva Convention Protections Apply If Firearms Are Used As A Last Resort
U.S.A. Crimes Against Humanity & U.S. Criminal Abuse & U.S.A. Financial Enslavement
U.S.A. Felons & D.A.'s Take Notice
U.S.A. Judicial Crimes Affect The World Economy
U.S.A. Nationalism & Justice For All
United Nations - 'Crimes Against Humanity' Investigations / Trials / Prosecutions Needed
United Nations Ambassadors - Do Not Send A Paper Tiger To The U.S.A.
United Nations Member State Mandates
United Nations Member States Venerable Presidents & Ambassadors
United Nations U.S. Mail Censure - Blocking - Confiscation
United States & California Government Agents Take Notice
United States Armed Civil Violence Looms From Judicial Process Abuses
Warning To All Humans Involved In Law Enforcement & Prisons
WARNING To: The U.S. Government
WARNING: False Charges Or Planted Evidence Ahead
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Starvation, poverty, flooding, heat waves, droughts, war and disease already lead
Waves Of Super-Rich Heading For London ...
We Have The Right To Act
We Must Start Following U.N. Treaties, Which Are The 'Supreme Laws Of The Land'
We Must Start Somewhere, And Most State Employees Should Have Never Even Had A Job
We The People Have The Right To Act Against Criminal Government Entities With Military Force
'We The People' Have The Right To Obtain The Pension Funds
Web Domain For Sale
What Info. Gets Presented & What Is Held Back
What Justifies The High Wages 'We The People' Pay
Who Owns The Gold Mines & Bars
Why Do We Pay Or Owe Pensions For Decades Of Failed Public Servants?
Wolves & Dog's Ownership Convoluted For Attacks & Tickets
World War 3 Preparations Include ...
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I Am Available To Discuss Issues, Consult, Or Advise

I Am Available To Discuss Issues, Consult, Or Advise U.N. Member State Officials, Military Groups, Labor Unions, Banks, Political Parties, Business Persons, Corporations, Etc..

John Lindsey 
P.O. Box 4123
Oroville, CA

If American Citizens Are Forced Into Using Firearms Against 'Tyrannical Government Entites' What Geneva Conventions Apply?

If (U.S.A.) American Citizens Are
Forced Into Using Firearms
'Tyrannical Government Entities'
What Geneva Conventions Apply?

If (U.S.A.) American Citizens Are
Forced Into Using Firearms
'Tyrannical Government Entities'
What Geneva Conventions Apply?

If (U.S.A.) American Citizens Are
Forced Into Using Firearms
'Tyrannical Government Entities'
What Geneva Conventions Apply?

Paris (AFP) - UN Scientists Are Set To Deliver Their Darkest Report Yet


Paris (AFP) - UN Scientists Are Set To Deliver Their Darkest Report Yet

U.N. Environmental/Family/Financial
Tertiary Treaty Compliant Manufacturing

Standardized Serviceable Fleets
Of Aluminum Construction/Work Vehicles

U.S. Military Command: Take Notice & Action Or Cover If Scared

U.S. Military Command:
Take Notice & Action,
Or Cower If Scared Of Oath Keeping

(U.S. Veterans/Victims)

U.S. Veteran PTSDeath Sentences Nationwide,
For The Ones That Don't Work As Fake Cops


U.S. Military Command Must Vote On Action Without U.S. Presidential & U.S. Congress' Cooperation ...

U.S. Military Command
Must Vote On 'U.S. Mass Atrocities', And 'U.S. Treaty Compliance Action' Without U.S. Presidential, And/Or
U.S. Congress' Authorization
And/Or Cooperation

'We The People'
Must Stop Harming Each Other
Using Arrests & 'Courts Of Law'

Let's Help Each Other,
And Each Others Families.

'We The People - Free The People'

Mass U.S. Presidential Pardons
For All Cannabis Criminal Cases
Involving Under 10 Pounds, With
No Associated Violence Conviction.

'Provider Day' School Field Trips, 
For Children, And Early Prison Releases For Their Family Members.

Legal Notice: I Reserve California & U.S. Civil-Criminal Remedy Through 'Mass Atrocities Forfeitures'

Legal Notice:
I, John Steven Lindsey
Claim & Reserve Compensation,
U.S. & California Civil Remedy
Monies From & As Part Of

'Mass Atrocities Forfeiture'
'Crimes Against Humanity Forfeiture'

Of:  U.S. Federal & California
Government Employees, et al
Involved In Criminal Adjudication,
U.S. Civil/Human Rights Abuses,
U.S. Constitution & Treaty Violations


After 30 Years Of Documented California Mass Atrocities:

'Organized Efforts Are Made To
Conceal The Crimes Committed'

'Intent' To Unlawfully Burden & Abuse California's Populous  (Families & Enterprises Alike)
By Utilizing Tax Dollars,
Public Court Sanctioned Finances,
And State Powers To Attack Us/Them.


'Organized Efforts Are Made To
Conceal The Crimes Committed'

$145 Per Hour + Expenses
$145 Per Hour + Expenses

Total CalPERS Fund
Market Value
Reflects market value,
as of market close on 3/17/2014.
$284.1 Billion

$145 Per Hour + Expenses
Total CalPERS Fund
Market Value
Reflects market value,
as of market close on 3/17/2014.
$284.1 Billion

Crimes Against Humanity
Occur Inside The Prisons, The
Prisoner Abuse Is Whitewashed,
And The State Tax Dollars Stolen

'Organized Efforts Are Made To
Conceal The Crimes Committed'

 The CDCR Administration,
And Union Workers Wasted/Stole
Two Years & $50,000 In Taxes,
While My Ankles & Feet Were
Bloody With Holes & Sores.
Before I Finally
Received A $15 Pair Of
Fraudulent Medical Boots
That I Could Not Wear, Because
They Did Not Have A Flexible Sole.
'Dr. Comfort Brand'
The State Of California Was
Charged $900 For.

Detain Every Person Named On
The Documents Submitted To

'Design & Conceal Mass State Crimes'

'Organized Efforts Are Made To
Conceal The Crimes Committed'

Systematic And Widespread Attack Pursuant To State Policy


Description Starting At Page 320
Currently Matches Many U.S. States,
The State Of California Constitution,
State Employee Unions & CalPERS,
'Fiefdom Like Counties', & 'CDCR'
California Department Of Corrections
And Rehabilitation & Parole Actions
The US has almost a quarter of the world's
prison population -
one in every 99 Americans is behind bars.

Crimes against humanity have a high legal threshold.
Two elements must coincide:
Individuals must commit inhumane acts with the
requisite criminal intent; and
Prisoner Abuses & Medical Neglect
These inhumane acts must form part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against a civilian population.

The Rome Statute also requires that the attack must be pursuant to, or in furtherance of, a state or organizational policy.
The US has almost a quarter of
the world's prison population -
one in every 99 Americans is behind bars.

Systematic or widespread attack
The inhumane actslisted above do not amount to crimes against humanity, if they constitute isolated or sporadic events. Instead, they must form part of a larger attack against a civilian population.
Such an attack “is not limited to the use of armed force and
encompasses any mistreatment of a civilian population”
This attack must be either widespread or systematic (in practice, it is often the case that the attack is both).
An attack is widespread, if it involves “massive, frequent, large scale action, carried out collectively with considerable seriousness and directed against a multiplicity of victims”
A systematic attack requires “organized action, following a regular pattern, on the basis of a common policy and involves substantial public or private resources... there must exist some form of preconceived plan or policy.”
(Long Term Prison Plans, Property Portfolios (Prime San Quentin Land), Union Collective Bargaining, CalPER$283.BN, Billions In Taxes, Etc.)
The US has almost a quarter of
the world's prison population -
one in every 99 Americans is behind bars.
Indicators that can be considered as establishing the systematic nature of an attack include that:

- the violations are in line with an underlying political objective;
- there is an ideology to destroy, persecute or weaken a community;
- high-level political and/or military authorities are implicated in the definition and establishment of a methodical plan to commit violations;
-propaganda, indoctrination or psychological oppression are used to create an environment in which crimes will occur;
- criminal acts are being perpetrated on a very large scale and follow a regular pattern making it improbable that the acts could occur randomly;
- there is a repeated and continuous commission of inhumane acts linked to one another;
or - organized efforts are made to conceal the crimes committed

The US has almost a quarter of
the world's prison population -
one in every 99 Americans is behind bars.

"It would not be responsible to turn over California’s criminal justice policy to inmate lawyers who are not accountable to the people.

"My plan avoids early releases of thousands of prisoners and lays the foundation for longer-term changes, and that’s why local officials and law enforcement support it."
California's Governor - Jerry Brown

Imprisonment  (http://www.veritasinitiative.org/)
Imprisonment in violation of fundamental rules of international law includes detention that fails to respect the basic principles of due process.
These principles are enshrined in articles 9 and 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights




The US has almost a quarter of
the world's prison population
- One In Every 99 Americans -
Is Behind Prison Bars !!!


There Is Enough Actionable Evidence Of California Mass Atrocities ...

There Is Enough Actionable Evidence Of 'California Mass Atrocities' To Suspend The U.S. & State Governance And Establish U.S./U.N. Allie's Temporary Governance, And Full Criminal Adjudication Powers.

'California & Illinois & New York'
For Israel & France & England's Tribunals
'Nevada & New Jersey & Washington'

Israel, France, And English Tribunals, That Operate With
'U.S. Treaty Compliance Group' Consultation, And U.S./U.N. Treaty Compliance Group Law Enforcement Forces Consisting Of U.S. Veterans With Healthy Basic Natures & EQs.

Compensation/Payment For U.S. Allie's Services Shall Be Diversified Between 'FERS & CalPERS Pension Funds', Trade Pacts/Treaties, And
Seditious/Treasonous U.S. & State Criminal Employee's Assets, And Forfeiture Proceedings, Along With Other 'U.S./U.N. Treaty Compliant' 'Ways & Means'

Elect John S. Lindsey
For U.S. President
'The U.S. Treaty Compliance Party'

A Pea Size Tumor Means Death In Conjunction With California Courts & Prisons

A Pea Size Brain Tumor Means Death
In Conjunction With California's
Courts & Prison Custody



Mandate Annual MRI's Of The Brain
For Every Criminal's New Offense
Before Adjudication & Incarceration

Collateral Estoppel Filed In Butte County, California

'Collateral Estoppel' Filed
Butte County, California Employees
John Steven Lindsey
SCR 95226
With Supporting Documents,
And Assessor's Office Report
Of Numerous Parcel/Survey
Corner Marker Removals
By: APN 058-590-043
The Nuisance Property,
Affiliated With BCSO & D.A.'s Office
That Commits Aided & Abetted
Torts, Crimes, Thefts, And Abuses
Against Me & My Estate.
With Intent To Separate Me
From My Property & Freedom,
Using Criminal Acts Of & By
'U.S. Federal & State Officials'

'Financial Remedy Is Requested',
But They Are Moving The D.A.'s Office At Taxpayers/State Victims Expenses

It Exposes & Establishes That
The Judicial Empowerment Canons
Are Still Unsatisfied, And That
California Adjudication Remains Unlawful & Illegal & Ethically Askew

Crimes Against Me As A Disabled Citizen Have Been Perpetrated, And
Enabled By 'Officers Of The Court',
While Remedy Is Refused, And
Fraudulent (Premeditation Motives)
'Prosecutorial Immunity',
An Unlawful & Criminal
U.S. Treaty Reservation (Violation)
Written, And Judicially Recognized, With Underlying 'Criminal Intent',
Abuse Of Power, Fraud, ETC, ETC,




The projected state inmate population increase "basically doubles the hurdle that the state has to get over," said Rebekah Evenson, an attorney with the nonprofit Prison Law Office, which sued over prison crowding. "They also have to prevent that increase from happening."

'California Crimes Against Humanity'
'California Mass Atrocities'

'Unsatisfied Empowerment Canons'
Establish The Fact That
All Superior Courts Of
California Wield No Lawful Criminal Or Civil Adjudication Powers,
And Must Be Closed Forthwith.


California Judicial & Prosecutorial 'Empowerment Canons' Mandate ...

California Judicial & Prosecutorial
'Empowerment Canons' Mandate Functional
Oversight & Disciplinary Groups/Panels,
And Since 'Mass Atrocities' & 'Mass (Criminal)
Prosecutorial & Judicial Misconduct',
Documented 'RICO Crimes By Various Counties', And The Standing 'California Jury Of Peers Mass Atrocities/Crimes Against Humanity Convictions',
The Counties Are Committing Actionable
U.S./U.N. Treaty Violations With Impunity.




Children Born To Parents - G.G. GrandParents That Suffered War & Genocide Atrocities ...

Children Born To Parents - Great Great Grand Parents
That Suffered War Or Genocide Or Prison Or Crime Atrocities

Is Anything Negative/Harmful
Manifesting Through You
In A Government Office Or Job,
And Can You Stop Harming U.S.
People?, And Try Helping Someone
To Test If & How Good It Feels
To Be Kind & Laugh & Have Fun.

Break The Negative Cycle.



Why Did U.S./U.N. Treaty Violations
Get This Far?

Whom Is Responsible?

What Assets Are Getting Seized
To Repay U.S. Taxpayers Costs?

This Domain Is For Sale - Contact Me By U.S. Mail @ P.O. Box 4123 Yankee Hill, CA 95965

Make An Offer
- This Domain Is For Sale -
Contact Me By U.S. Mail @
P.O. Box 4123 Yankee Hill, CA

Medical Tourism Funds

A Quality Person


Californians, Lets Start Helping Each Other, And Close The Corrupt Courts

Californians, Lets Start Helping Each Other, And Close The Corrupt Courts & Prisons.
(The State Retirement Money Is GONE)

Natalie And I Will Help People
As Much As We Can.
We Don't Wish To Hurt Our Own People.

California Is So Corrupted If You Seek 'Remedy' In Court ...

California Is So Corrupted
If You Seek 'Remedy' In Court
25 Years Will Pass, And You
Will Die Before Compensation
Is Awarded Or Paid.

Even With 3 Judges And
Human Rights Abuses Involved.


The arrested officers are now on paid leave.


California city police 'sold impounded vehicles'

 Dirty Cops Are Hurting People,
And It's Happening State Wide

What Are The Chances Of A Third World War?

What are the chances of a third world war?


If We Embark Upon The
U.S. Treaty Compliance Projects
Necessary To Return Fairness & Law
To The United States Of America, And All Other
U.N. Member States We May Avert Another
World War.

'Advancements In Science & Technology'
Are Being Unlawfully Kept From
U.S. Law Processes That Would Keep
U.S. Laws & Jurisprudence Dynamic & Just.

Norway Exudes Greatness & Virtues

Norway Exudes Greatness & Virtues

Their Anti-Corruption Influence,
Humanity, Treaty Tenants, And
Jurisprudence Model Could
Help The U.S.A. Heal Citizens Of
Decades Of Human Rights Abuses
By Criminal U.S. Courts Of Law.


Kindness Matters,
And U.S. Matters Of Kindness Toward
Fellow Citizens Must Be Addressed










Kindness & Community
Is Then Imprinted On The
Human Organism To Foster, And
Facilitate Replicating Better Quality
Genetic Material, And Peace/Chances.

Owned By The Norwegian Government,
With The Rest Of Us In Mind
Thank You.

Americans, If Your Desire Is To Have A Better Economy, And ...

Americans, If Your Desire Is To Have A Better Economy, And Stress Free Life,Without Government Problems, Interference, Mass Corruption, And Unlawful Taxation.

Elect Me To Be The Next
United States President,
And I Will Drastically Reduce
Crime, Taxes, Waste, Pollution, Unemployment, Anti-Semitism, Prison Populations, And Many
Other U.S. Treaty Violation Side
Effects, With Minimal Expense.

As U.S. President (Public Servant) The Wealthy Will Be Protected ...

As The Next U.S. President  (Public Servant)
The Wealthy Will Be Protected From
U.S. Government Taxation, Litigation,
And The Various U.S. Environmental
Treaty Violations (Import), While Protecting
All Workers From Government Harms,
Violations Of The Universal Declaration
Of Human Rights, And Enemies Of State.

All Americans Willing To Return Their
Investments, And Endeavors To The U.S.A.,
And Produce Products With 'Tertiary Treaty
Compliance Measures' Will Benefit From
New Executive U.S. Options & Incentives For
'Tertiary U.S. Treaty Compliant Business'

Flat Rate Taxes - Environmental Investment For Job Creation - U.S. Investment Options

'The Protection Of The U.S. Wealthy,
And Their Investments In The U.S.'
By 'Tertiary U.S. / U.N. Treaty Compliance'


U.S. Executive Power Established,
 Empowered, And Enforced As & By
'Supreme Law Of The Land'
Environmental Symbiosis & U.N. Treaty Compliance Panels Of U.S. Educators,Will Replace Court Litigation & Legal Costs

If U.S. State Governments Possess 'Collective Intelligence' ...

If U.S. State Governments Possess
'Collective Intelligence' They Would
Mandate 50% Of The Fleet Vehicles 
Used By U.S. Construction Companies, Service Companies, And Government Agencies Be Regionally Manufactured, And Assembled From
U.S. Aluminum & Standardized
U.S. Made Drive Line Components.

UPS & FedEx & U Haul Corps.
Have Better Senses Than U.S. States,
But With Limited Options, Because
U.S. BAR Association Members Are
Greedy, Abusive, Inept Criminals, And Are Too Stupid To Create
Sustainable, Lawful U.S. Jobs.
That Actually Comply With
U.S./U.N. Environmental Treaties
The Universal
Declaration Of Human Rights.

Instead This 'Lame L.E.O. Collective'
Of Imprisoned Americans Exists, And "Inept, Egomaniac District Attorneys
Run The Show County By County".

Develop A North American Cooperative With Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Etc..

Mandate By U.S. State Law That All U.S. State, And County Fleet Vehicles Be North American Cooperative Built Of Aluminum, With Serviceable Standardized Components.



Narcissistic District Attorneys Are
Far Too Weak Emotionally, And
Mentally To Actually Facilitate
The Lawful Operation Of Any
Jurisdiction Of U.S. Jurisprudence
If They Do Not Fully Embrace
U.N. Treaty Laws, And Their Various
Applications That Facilitate The
True Greatness Of U.S. Citizens.

I Challenge U.S. Federal Laws,
And U.S. State Laws Viability,
Legality, And The District Attorneys
That Enforce U.S./U.N. Treaty Reservations/Violations Written As Domestic Laws, And Policies.

To Do The Patriotic Things,
Americans Need, Instead Of
Serving Your Insatiable Greed,
Selfishness, And Indifference.

Very Emotionally Healthy & Appreciated People




The U.S. & State Laws Are Unlawful,
 U.S. Courts Are Corrupt, And
The Prisons Are Criminal Enterprises
That Round Out The Union L.E.O. Thefts

U.S. Court In The Streets
Is On The Way

All Current & Former
Government Employees
In California Must Face
Criminal Adjudication For:
'Disabled Abuse'
'Elderly Abuse'
'Child Abuse'
'Abuse Of Office/Power'
'Mass Atrocities'
 'U.S./U.N. Sedition'
 'Crimes Against Humanity'




U.S. Congress Take The Funding From Prisons & Courts

U.S. Congress Take 75% Of Funding
From Federal Prisons & U.S. Courts,
And Retract 75% Of BAR Assn. Funds
State Courts, And State Prison Funds


Mandate The Release 75% Of
U.S. & State
Prison Inmates

Cut All U.S. Law Library
Funding & Construction

'Stop Funding U.S. Treaty Violations'
'U.S. Mass Atrocities'

News Reporters & Government Members

U.S. Treaty Compliance Party
U.S. Presidential Candidate
John S. Lindsey

I Am Exposing
The Most Legitimate
United States Political Party Platform In History.

This Is A Powerful Political Tool
Which Can Manifest Itself Lawfully
Without Answering To 'Interests'

Under Tertiary U.S. Treaty Compliance Measures The U.S. Protects Wealthy & Working
Citizens, And Residents Alike.
Developing, And Keeping
Their Loyalty Through
'U.S. Treaty Protections',
Recirculating Cash Flows,
Environmental Awareness,
And The American Dream.

U.N. Member States Will Have
Scripted Production Roles, And
Numerous Revolving Roles Can
Place 'Containerized Jobs' In Areas In Need Of Economic Stimulus.

John S. Lindsey
U.S. Treaty Compliance Party
For U.S. President

Insurance Underwriters Should 'Field Test' L.E.O.'s For Steroid Use

Insurance Underwriters Should
'Field Test' L.E.O.'s For Steroid Use,
Because It May Stop Some Of The 'Roid Rage' Influenced Killings.

I Don't Promote Hurting L.E.O.'s,
Because They Have Families, And
Rights, And Many Are Really Nice,
But Most Need To Be Put In Check
For Violating Their Oath To The
U.S. Constitution On A Mass Scale,
And Committing 'U.S. Mass Atrocities'


I Rightfully Request Military Equipment & Funding From:
The United Nations Security
Council Member States,
And U.S. Corporations For Lawful
Use In U.S./U.N. Treaty Compliance.
Numerous U.S. State & County Buildings Expose, And Reflect The Intentions Of Their Occupants By
Their Blast Resistant Designs, And
The Number Of Criminal Employees
That Exempt Themselves From
Prosecution For 'U.S. Mass Atrocities'
Example: Butte County, California's Government Structures Have
Been Designed, And Built 'Defensible' With 'Intent To Commit Mass Atrocities', And Butte County Has Requested Another $105,000,000.
To Continue Committing State Crimes, With Documented 'Mass Prosecution Of U.S./U.N. Treaty Violations', And 'Mass Human Rights Abuses & Violations' By The Butte County, California Sheriff's Office, District Attorney's Office, And
The Butte County Superior Courts.
$65 Million 'Mass Atrocities Court'
$40 Million 'Mass Atrocities Jail'


'Remedy Is Absolute'
Prosecutorial & Judicial Immunity
Violates International Laws,
'The Universal Declaration Of
Human Rights', And Was Written
As A U.S. Treaty Violation



The 'California Mass Atrocities',
'U.S./U.N. Treaty Violations', And 'The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights' Violations Which Equate To
'U.S. Crimes Against Humanity'
Continue Unabated & Unchallenged
By U.S. Treaty Compliance Groups.

U.S. Treaty Compliance Party
John S. Lindsey
For U.S. President
'U.S. Tertiary Treaty Compliance'
Is Fundamental For U.S. Jobs,
And Real U.S. Recovery





Your Family Member Wouldn't Get Out
We The People
Need A List Of All Family Members
Employed By The U.S. & State Governments
All Accomplices Must Face Criminal Charges
They Smashed His Throat With A Flashlight
And Then Tortured & Murdered Him
No Criminal Charges For Anyone?
Do You Think Their Family Members
Even Get Tickets?
Who Is Protecting These People From Justice?







What About The Kern County, California Superior Court Judge Who Openly Bragged That He Wants To Be
Famous For Sentencing Humans To
1,000,000 Years In Prison !!!!!

It's Time To Arrest, Incarcerate,
And Adjudicate Most Federal &
California Government Officials,
And Free/Pardon Thousands Of State
Prisoners That Are Being Poisoned.

Million Californian March, To County Centers Statewide

California Common Law Tribunal Call
To Address Criminal Charges Against Government Law Enforcement,
  Courts, And Various 'State Entities'
  In All California Counties

Million Californian March,
To County Centers Statewide:
Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Placer
San Francisco, Alameda, Redding, Contra Costa, Merced, San Diego, Riverside, Sacramento, Santa Cruz,
San Mateo, Madera, Kern, Butte, Etc..

The French Used A Guillotine
To Address 'State Corruption/Crimes'

The U.S. Used A Gallows
To Address 'Most Crimes'

A Common Law Tribunal In Butte, Co.

The Results Will Be Forwarded
To Local Military Facilities Statewide
(Don't Forget Cold Weather Masks, Righting Utensils, Paper, ETC.)

Californians Are Waking Up To The Fact That The Police & Courts Are Stealing Tax Dollars





Californians Are Waking Up To The Fact
That Police & Courts Are Stealing Tax Dollars
Through The Use Of U.S./U.N. Treaty Violations,
And Can Be Adjudicated Forthwith, Because Of
The Many Color Of Law Criminal Convictions:


































Where Is The Missing/Misappropriated/Stolen




'U.S. Mass Atrocities'
'U.S. Crimes Against Humanity'
Are Occurring, And Can Be Stopped
By U.S. Citizens & Residents With The
Legal & Lawful Use Of Force, And
Before Becoming A Statistic Or
'Color Of Law Crime Victim'


I Sent Written Requests For Support From France, China, Russia, The U.K., India, Mexico, And Others ...

I Sent Written Requests For Support From France, China, Russia, The U.K., India, Mexico, And Others
To Adjudicate California Government, Detain U.S. Government Retirees Abroad, Freeze Their Assets,
And Seize FERS & CalPERS Assets World Wide.



The U.S. Mass Atrocities, Dual U.S./U.N. Sedition,
And 'U.S. Crimes Against Humanity'
Must Be Addressed

United States Allies Must Impose
U.S./U.N. Treaty Compliance Measures Or The U.N. Security Council Must Act On
The U.S. Sedition Of U.N. Authority,
And Various U.S./U.N. Treaties

U.S. Treaty Compliance Party
John S. Lindsey
For U.S. President

Tertiary Treaty Compliance

A Surgeon Helped Me After Years Of Workers Compensation Crimes, But ...

A Surgeon Helped Me After Years Of California
Workers Compensation Crimes, But I Was Just
Forced To Cancel The Left Hand Carpal Release,
Because Of More Criminal State Actions That
Will Force Me To Endure Further Pain & Disability


Kindness Is More Beneficial Than Harm

Many Thanks To Medical Professionals,
And Those Promoting Kindness & Friendliness

(U.S. Business & Investment Info.)
The U.S.A.'s Mass Insurrections Are Going
To Create A Market For Facial Features Of
Varying Shapes, Sizes, And Tones, Because
Most Of The 'Criminal Law Enforcers' Wear
'Body Armor', So 'Facial Shotgun Wounds'
Are Going To Be The Signature Injuries Of
'Masses Of U.S. Federal & State Employees'

I Do Not Wish For, Or Promote The Business & Investment Information Facial Shotgun Injuries,
And The Long List Of People I Have Spent My Own
Money, And Time Taking To Doctors Since My 'Government Imposed Disability' Proves It.

Starting A L.E.O. Dehydrated Nose & Bone & Skin Scaffold Bank May Prove Profitable For All Parties, Or At Least Roping Them Into 3D Facial
Scanning, And/Or Selling A Newly Manifested 'Mandated Insurance Policy' To Those Employed Under A 'L.E.O./State Workers Union Contract'.

(Scanning With The Artec Portable 3D Scanner)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/25907502 - NSA 'engaged in industrial espionage'

'NSA Engaged' 'Industrial Espionage'

Germany & Venezuela & Brazil &

U.N. Ambassadors & Venerable U.N. Member State Governments ...

U.S.A./U.N. Membership
U.S.A./U.N. Security Council Sedition Charges Have Been Levied
Against The U.S.A.
'Subverting Every U.S./U.N. Treaty' By Writing, Implementing & Adjudicating
'U.N. Treaty Reservations'
As U.S. Federal & State Laws


Take Notice:
72 Hour Remedy Request/With Prejudice
100lbs. Of $100 Bills
Or This Headline Prints

If The Powers That Be Want Me
To Stay And Remain Safely Be Sure
To Secure My Pardon & CCW

Interested In My Story, Information Or Evidence?



Subversion Of
The U.S. Constitution & U.N. Membership
Through U.S./U.N. Treaty Violations

 Criminal Adjudication Of 3 Judges
If The Proposed 2 Year Extension Is Granted


Cyber Foreshadowing ?

Cyber Foreshadowing ? 


A Direct Announcement
Of Upcoming Sweeping Changes
In U.S. Jurisprudence ?
 Answer To U.S. Mass Atrocities ?

Ill Gotten Retirement Funds
For The Taking & Repayment
Of 'U.S. & U.S. States Jurisprudence'

It Is Time To Adjudicate The Clueless Criminal California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye - "Prior to the state's fiscal free fall, we were functioning well in my view," she said.

It Is Time To Adjudicate The Clueless Criminal California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, et al

"Prior to the state's fiscal free fall, we were functioning well in my view," she said.

Ignorantia juris non excusat

Persons may be bound by a novel application of a statute, not supported by Supreme Court or other “fundamentally similar” case precedent, so long as the court can find that, under the circumstance, “unlawfulness . . . is apparent” to the defendant.



 Jury Of Peers Criminal Conviction? !
 Jury Of Peers Criminal Conviction? !


$31,000,000 Missing From California Prisons !!

'U.S. Jury Of Peers'
'? Preliminary Hearing ?'
'Mass Atrocities'
'U.S. Crimes Against Humanity'

Detain & Adjudicate
All California Supreme Court
(Criminal) Justices Forthwith,
And Anyone That Stands In The Way Of Their Lawful Criminal Adjudication Under
International Laws & Norms, And
The U.N. Responsibility To Protect Summit & Protocol.

Israel & France Should Be Empowered To The Financial Separation & Adjudication Of CalPERS & CBRET Funds, And
California FERS Fund Contributions.

Total CalPERS Fund
Market Value
Reflects market value, as of market close on 1/23/2014.
$282.9 Billion

California Employers' Retiree Benefit Trust (CERBT) Fund
Reflects market value, as of market close on 1/22/2014.
$3.3 Billion

All 4 Original
U.N. Security Council Member States
Are Dutifully Bound To Send
Armed Forces & Equipment
To Adjudicate U.S. & California Criminal Courts, Prisons, And Law Enforcement Agencies.
All U.N. Member States Have The Right To Intervene In U.S. Governance
1) If There Is A 'U.S. Failure To Act'
2) If The U.S. Action Falls Short Of
     'Lawful Criminal Adjudication Of
     California & U.S. Mass Atrocities'
3) If U.S. Citizens/Victims Request
     U.N. Member State Equipment &
     Help To Stop U.S. Mass Atrocities.



Kindness - Acceptance - Quality Families
Insight - Intelligence - Humor

Most Of All The Generations
Of Harrowing Efforts For
Mankind & Society


Kindness Matters, And Without It Over Generations It Can/Will Express Through
Ongoing Violence In The Society As A Whole.

Harming The Women, Gays & Children Most.

Family: We Openly Accepted Arab & E. Indian
(&?) Exchange Students To Live With Us, And
Altered States Of Mind Were Discouraged,
But Personal Growth, Fun, Happiness, And
Learning From Them Always Embraced.
9 Children Raised In A Celtic/Germanic Family

Half of U.S. prison sex crimes involve staff toward inmates: fed study

Half Of U.S. Prison Sex Crimes Involve  Staff Toward Inmates:
Fed Study


CDCR Didn't Place Me In Harms Way,
But There Were Many People Refused
Simple Medical Care & Antibiotics, And
Many More Deaths Are Attributable To
The Refusal Of Antibiotics Than Admitted.

California Must Be Adjudicated,
And People Removed From Official
Positions Of 'State Power'

No Bank Too Big To Indict, U.S. Attorney General Says ...

No Bank Too Big To Indict,
U.S. Attorney General Says,
And The Ignorant Egomaniacs
Will Use A System Of U.S./U.N.
Treaty Violations To 'Shake Down'
Banking Interests For 'Takings'.





It Would Behoove
Banking & Utility & Rail Interests
To Encumber All Aspects Of U.S.
Firearm Production, Accessories,
And Public/L.E.O. Distribution, And
All Implements Of Judicial Prowess.




All U.S. Federal & State Judiciaries,
Prison Systems, 'Officers Of The Courts', And Law Enforcement Agencies Have Sustained Documented Jury Of Peers Multifaceted
Mass Atrocities Convictions
That Equate To
'U.S. Crimes Against Humanity'

Not All L.E.O. & Correctional Officers Are Maliciously Corrupted ...

Not All L.E.O. & Correctional Officers
Are Maliciously Corrupted, But Times
Are Changing, And We As Americans
Must Find Ways To Root Out Derelicts
Who Are Wearing Badges, And Also Hurting Others For Profit, Family Loyalty & Fun.

I Prefer To Ride With Fun, Funny,
Helpful & Friendly People That
Are Mentally Healthy, Kind & Loyal.

We Will Use Equipment & Resources
To Foster Adjudication & Redefine 
'All U.S. Federal & State Laws'

We Welcome Equipment & Personnel To Address U.S. State Crimes Perpetrated By Badge Wearing L.E.O.'s & Courts Of Law In State Owned Structures

Issues Related To U.N. RtoP Protocol
We Welcome Equipment & Personnel To Address
U.S. State Crimes Perpetrated By Badge Wearing
L.E.O.'s & Courts Of Law In State Owned
Vehicles & Structures, Because There Is No
Longer A Functional Agency That Enforces
The Various 'Regulatory Canons', And
Imposes Disciplinary Actions & Procedures.

1) Prison/Jail Bus Fleet -Available Nationally Used
2) Armored Personnel Carriers (Used OK)
3) Fuel Supply Trucks
4) Auditory Crowd Control (Surrender) Systems
5) Fixed Wing Supply/Transport Aircraft
6) Recently Expired MREs & Potable Water Tanks
7) Road Construction Lavatory Trailers
8) Rolls Of Chain & Cases Of Keyed Alike Padlocks
9) Stand By Pharmacies & Diabetic Supplies
10) U.S. National Guard Troops & Equipment
11) Animal Control Trucks/Hound Hunter Support

We Will Help Anyone In Need Of Medical 
Appointment Rides, And Care/Housing
While The Transition From Crimes & Abuses
To Lawfulness. As We Progress Into Resisted L.E.O. Arrests & Adjudications That Leave
Their Families/Pets In Need Of Assistance.

County Sanctioned Thieves Stole My Surgical
Kits & Medication Bank & Collection Of
Medical Devices - (My Entire Field Hospital),
& Related Diagnostic & Operative Library,
So I Could Use Help Repairing My Property,
& Replacing The Hydraulic Cycle/Surgery Table.

Natalie & I Are Willing And Able To
Help/House & Feed Seniors & Kids Alike
(Even The L.E.O.'s/Attorney's/Judges Families)


'Inner U.S. NAZI Group Children'
Many Have Already Been
'Needle Stuck & Sexually Molested'
By Their Family Members, And They Often Require Continued Drug/Needle Use To Cope,
So 'Behavioral Health Events' Will Continue, But
The 'Prosecutorial Mechanism MUST Be Stopped'
From 'Collecting More Estates & Vehicles' Using
Those Events To 'Fabricate Crimes' As 'Others'

A Moratorium On Cremations
'Without Notification Of Family Members'
'An Independent (Out Of Area) Autopsy'
Must Go Into Effect For All
'In Custody Deaths Of Those Under 70 Years
Of Age, Or With A Real Property/Estate'

The Moratorium Will Foster 'Remedy'
For Lending Institutions, And Family Alike,
By Reducing Loses & Estate Theft Through
'Death & Fabricated Criminal Forfeiture Cases'

$7,000,000 Was Taken From A European Man That Died In CSP Solano Prison Using Forfeiture,
And He Claimed His Innocence To The End, But
Was Refused Access To His Own Resources For
Criminal & Civil Defense.
He Died With A CDCR Death & Fast Cremation,
All The While Unable To Reach Family Members
(If He Even Had Any)

The U.N. Member States That Adjudicate California Will Prosper For The Duration ...

The U.N. Member States That Adjudicate California Will Prosper For The Duration,
And May Benefit From U.S./U.N. Treaty
Compliance By Negotiating A 'Adjudication
Trade Cooperative Agreement' As Not To
Consume The Principal For Costs/Expenses.

Charge 1)  'Crimes Against Humanity'

Charge 2)  'Mass Atrocities'

Charge 3)  'Sedition'

Charge 4)  'Racketeering/Profiteering'

Charge 5)  'Mass Murder'

Charge 6)  'Mass Kidnapping'

Charge 7)  'Money Laundering'

Charge 8)  'Slavery'

Charge 9)  'Disabled/Senior Abuse'

Charge 10)  'Fraud'

Charge 11)  'Treason'

Charge 12)  'Abuse Of Office/Power'

Charge 13)  'Aiding & Abetting/Accessory'

Charge 14)  'Mayhem'

Charge 15)  'Grand Theft Auto'

Charge 16)  'Attempted Mass Murder'

Charge 17)  'Mass Poisoning'

Charge 18)  'Medical Fraud'

Charge 19)  'Medical Abuse'

Charge 20)  'Mass Sex Offenses'

Charge 21)  'Alienating Parental Affections'

Charge 22)  'Real Property Crimes'

Charge 23)  'Bank/Lender Default/Fraud'

Charge 24)  'Mass Witness Intimidation'

Charge 25)  'Nepotism With Intent To Commit...

Charge 26)  'Criminal Abuse Of Judicial Resources'

Keep Them In Custody, Unable To Contact Home, Throw Everything At Them, And They Will Plead To Something, After Their Medications Are All Changed, And They Get A Week Of Arsenic Water.
When It's All Over The 'Harvey Waivers Will Keep Them Quiet' Or We Will Charge Them Over Again.
(Prison Doctors Refuse Medications & Expenses)

{(Charge)      If YOU Were Charged In The Same
 Progressive Manor, Refused Access To Legal Counsel (Financially), And Had To 'Plead Guilty To What Is Presented' Or Face 'More Of The List Of Charges', And Are Told That 'Taking Your Case To Jury Trial Will Result In Maximum Prison Terms For Each Conviction By A Jury Selection Of Family Or Retired Government Workers And Cousins Of The Officers Of The Court, And Fabricated Victim.
All While Your Estate Is Being Emptied By The Sheriff's Families & Attorney Representing You For The Charges, And Forfeiture Case That Only List Some Your 'Confiscated Assets', And 'Evidence

Even After Your Auto Insurance Company Investigation Concluded That You Were A
Victim Of Violence While Operating 'Both Autos' Used To Transport The Supposed Victim ('Perp'etrator) To Hospital.

(My) Claims Evidenced, And Verifiable By
The Insurance Company & Attorney That Is Now
A Sitting Sacramento, California Judge.

Findings:  The 'Perp'/Victim Was Related Also,
 A Behavioral Health Patient, Meth Addict
With Un-Prosecuted 'Violent Priors', And An
Existing Restraining Order Involving Violence !

Her Older Brother Was Stabbed, And Numerous
People Think She Is The Person That Stabbed Him,
But The Witness Is In Prison Because He Is The 'Only Witness'.
All Family Has 'Relation Immunity'
'Child Support Immunity', 'Ticket Immunity', Etc..

Question This Man Of His Innocence,
And Of County/State Misconduct, Torture, And 'Color Of Law' Theft.

 CDCR# V14536     Age 41    11/26/2003
I Have Not Written Or Contacted Him

There Is/Was A Body Of A 15 Year Old Blonde
Oregon USA Girl Buried On A Chico, CA Property Owned By Another Covenanted/Family Member.
(Others Also)

I Know Woman & Men That Can/Will
Testify Also, But They Would Need 'Out Of State Federal Protection'.

Murder, False Charges, Statutory Rape, Drugged Rape, Kidnapping, Auto Theft, Beatings, False Testimony - (L.E.O./Paid & Forced), Drug Sales,
Drug Manufacturing, Video Taped Rape, Child Molestation, Grand Theft, Money Laundering, Drug Use, Arson,
Insurance Fraud, And Many Other
'Color Of Law Crimes' & Corruptions.
I Am In Danger Because
Of Criminal State Of California Employees, Corrupt Courts, And
Color Of Law Crimes. And Copious
U.S. Federal Government Agents

J. Hanley -  Killed & Cremated Day 3
G. Corral-Legs Crushed By 2 Cop Cars
D. Stanilka       - Killed & Home Burnt
One (Of 2) Unarmed Witness Was Shot By 4 (2)Officer/Killers, Charged
& Then Incarcerated In CDCR !
(All Officers Cleared Of Wrongdoing)
Only The Tip Of The Iceberg,
Because If There Are Groups
Intentionally Imprisoning The Innocent, Then There Must Be
Financial Motivations Beyond
Simple Criminal Convictions !

Then Jail & Prison Abuses Begin,
And Afterward Parole Abuses
Start The Entire Cycle Again !!

Roach Spray Is Often In The Food,
As Are Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals,
Because Inmates Are Paid 15 Cents
Per Hour For Kitchen Jobs, And All
Steal Food Instead Of Relying On
The Slave Labor Wages To Survive.

The United Nations Must Send
Forces To Take Administrative,
And Armed Officer Control Of All
California County Jails & Prisons.




I Realize That Some Of My Audience Is Captive, And I Did This Intentionally, But ...

I Realize That Some Of My Audience Is Captive, And I Did This Intentionally, But Why Not Grow
Or Learn From The Resources At Your Disposal.


Get Rid Of The Writings After A While,
And Best Wishes For The EQ Expansion.

GPS N39°42.52' W121°30.67'

I'm Here (ish)
GPS N39°42.52' W121°30.67'
San Francisco Sectional
Airport 'CIC' Chico, CA
  'OVE'  Oroville
Cessna 172 or 182 / Beech Sundowner / Mooney
  With Charts/D-CL's & ARROW / Send Keys
Onto Water Again

Unfortunately I Live Enduring
'Times Of U.S. & California Mass Atrocities'

I Am Confidant That There Is An
Intelligent Person Or Company
Or Group Or State Who Can Use
My Thought Processes & Qualities
For Something Better Than
As 'U.S. Prisoner #3,000,001'

How You Treat People & Animals Every Day Will Be Expressed In Your Great X4 Grandchildren


How You Treat People & Animals Every Day Will Be Expressed In Your Great (X4) Grandchildren,
And Behavioral Tendencies Will Express From The
Various Daily Life Experiences & Environments.

Recurring Thoughts Are Those Markers & Instinct

IQ - EQ - MQ
The Emotional Quotient Is Paramount

Emotional Aptitude Check ?

U.S. Banking & Utilities & Manufacturing Sectors Must Enforce ...

U.S. Banking & Utilities & Manufacturing Sectors Must Enforce 'The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights' Of The Persons, And Families Of North America & U.S./U.N. Treaty Compliance Starting With
U.S./North American Cooperative Standardization Agreements With Implicit, And Explicit Import Protections, And Various Participation Percentages For Canada, Mexico & The U.S.A..

Curbing All Further U.S. Damage By
Unlawful & Criminally Convicted
U.S. Federal & State Courts & Prisons







1) Infrastructure: Steel Bridge Components, And
     The Mobilized Crews, Cranes, And Equipment
2) Electromagnetic Pulse Resistant Government,
     And Fleet Vehicle Drive Lines For Various Types
     Of Vans, Trucks, And Personal Transports.
3)  Containerized Mobile Water Tanks & N.B.C.
      Filtration & Treatment Units With Shower
      Manifolds For North American Schools
4)  Containerized Mobile Standardized Vehicle
      Component Casting & Fabrication Units For
      Macroeconomic, And Emergency Management.
5)  Standardized Modular & Expansible Mobile    
      Work Force: Sleeping, Housing, Education,
      Rum Ration, And Medical Units.





If There Is A Reader Interested In Securing My Safety & Freedom - Please Assist Me In Obtaining An Attorney In California

If There Is A Reader Interested In
Securing My Safety & Freedom, Or Would
Like My Assistance Or Loyalties.

  Assist Me In Obtaining An Honest
Attorney In/For California, USA
(Anonymous Help Is Welcome Also)
I Will Gladly Relocate To Assist
And Pay For The Assistance Also

2 Misdemeanor Charges

All Local Attorneys Seem To Be Part Of The
Corruption Gang That Simply Steal Everything
They Can, And Help Imprison The Innocent Also.
(See Video    http://www.veritasinitiative.org/)
I Was Not Guilty On The 2008 Case,
And Had/Have Proof, But They Didn't Care.
That's Why I Created This Website.

  The Threat Of Additional Criminal Charges, 
(Time) Forces People To Plead To Whatever
It Takes To Get Out Of The Situation They
Create Using A Series Of Defamation Tactics,
And Abuses To Manipulate Legal Processes.

What's Being Done To People Is Very Sad.

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