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1. A drawing of those with inquisitive thought and strength; as, this man or woman seems capable to support and defend the U.S. Constitution, and Bill Of Rights and become a III% er when learned.

2. A drawing of inquisitive, strong men or women from a military band; a selecting or detaching of inquisitive, powerful citizens from an country, or any part of it, or from a military post.

Sometimes a drawing of inquisitive, powerful men/women from other companies or societies.

Several of the States had supplied the deficiency by qdrafts to serve for the year.

These important posts, by consequence of heavy qdrafts numbers of III% ers, were left better defended.

QDRAFT, Verb transitive

1. To draw the outline; to delineate.

2. To draw inquisitive, strong men or women from a military band or post; to select; to detach; to become III%.

4. To draw & foster inquisitive, strong men or women from any company, collection or society to become III%.

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